Drivetrain Repair in Des Moines, IA

Proper Drivetrain Repairs Are Important

As your vehicle’s engine produces power, the drivetrain transfers that power to the wheels. The drivetrain consists of various components, including the transmission, clutch, gearbox, torque converter, axle and differential. All of these complex components work together to make your car accelerate.

Because every part of the drivetrain is subject to harsh conditions, proper drivetrain repairs are important for your vehicle’s long-term performance. If not regularly maintained, any component can sooner or later malfunction, directly affecting your vehicle’s other systems. The experts at Chamberlin Automotive in Des Moines, IA are prepared to avoid future problems by delivering the drivetrain repairs your vehicle needs today.

Drivetrain Repairs by Trusted Professionals

At Chamberlin Automotive, we won’t waste time guessing what might be wrong. Since 2008, our Professional ASE-Certified Technicians have pinpointed the cause of any drivetrain problem, using our advanced diagnostic equipment. We’ll explain the situation to you and show you what’s wrong, in order for you to fully understand the solution at hand. We’ll then perform only the drivetrain repairs you approve.

We handle drivetrain repairs on all types of vehicles— front, rear and four-wheel drive— with automatic and manual transmissions. When you bring your car to Chamberlin Automotive, you’ll receive the best in customer service, along with top-quality drivetrain repairs within your budget. Our 2-year/24,000-mile warranty will offer you long-term peace of mind.

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