Battery Service in Des Moines, IA

Your Vehicle’s Battery Service is Important

Practically everything that makes your car powerful, economical and comfortable relies on electricity. When the engine is running, the alternator provides enough power for everything, from oxygen sensors to your stereo. Still, you need the battery to get your engine running, as it generates the power needed to start the engine and even run some accessories for a time. Day in and day out throughout Des Moines, you rely on your battery to start your car any number of times, and regular battery service will keep this happening over time.

At Chamberlin Automotive, we’re well aware that current battery design is actually decades old; this is because the lead-acid chemistry has proven exceptionally reliable in a variety of conditions, from sub-zero weather to stop-and-go city traffic. Still, battery service is essential, as batteries tend to have only a four- to five-year lifespan, assuming a properly functioning charging system.

Battery Service and Charging System Inspections

Though the battery and charging system are fairly reliable, Chamberlin Automotive suggests doing an inspection every six months. Spring and Fall are good times of year to have battery service and the charging system analyzed, because temperature extremes really put your electrical system to the test. Here in Des Moines or nearby Polk County, call on Chamberlin Automotive to give your battery and charging system a full inspection. Even if your car seems to be running normally, you may not notice a weak battery or charging system until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, battery problems tend to show up when you least expect them, usually with no warning whatsoever. The charging system is similar in this respect, and it can easily leave you stranded on the side of the road. Pay us a visit for complete battery service to avoid this from happening.

For drivers in Des Moines, IA, Chamberlin Automotive is your source for local battery and charging system service.

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